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ABOUT: ChiCura is a Danish brand within photo art. All of our designs have been photographed, retouched and designed by ourselves. We are very passionate about our photo art and loves the creative process, from the photoshoot to working with the images and give our final touch on the art. The founders Charlotte Lavian and Daniel Lavian each comes from two very different backgrounds, which mean that together they stand strong. Charlotte is from the creative, visual branch and before 2010 she worked in different large photography studios. Daniel has the economic and strategic business background and played a big role in several growing companies. WHERE DID WE START? In 2010, we established our photography studio CH Touch, which we still run to this day. The photography studio has its own studio in Copenhagen as well as employees. We worked with large Danish and international brands and after several years, our dream grew. Suddenly, CH Touch became the springboard for a new brand to work on at the same time. It absolutely had to have something to do with photography, design, and creativity since we had already created the perfect foundation for it. In February 2015, ChiCura was born …





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